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Halon Fire Extinguishers

Halon 1211 is the original clean agent. Since the 1970’s, its effectiveness and clean agent properties have made it extremely popular for aviation, military, commercial and even residential use. However, production was banned in 1994 under the Montreal Protocol of Ozone Depleting Substances. Since then, and to this day, new halon fire extinguishers contain recycled halon.

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Halon Alternative Fire Extinguishers

There are three commercially available halon alternatives: Halotron 1, FE-36, and Halotron BrX. The first two have environmental issues of their own, and they are about half as effective, and twice as big and heavy as a like-rated halon extinguisher. They are also more expensive.

The newest halon alternative, Halotron BrX, comes in an extinguisher that is about 30% bigger and heavier than a halon extinguisher. It is also about 5 times as costly.

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