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H3R Aviation

MODEL 347 - 3.75 lb. Halotron BrX Fire Extinguisher


Model 347 is the ideal option for those seeking to replace Halon 1211 fire extinguishers due to regulatory or environmental considerations. This 5B:C clean agent fire extinguisher is an effective, lightweight extinguisher containing Halotron® BrX (stabilized 2-BTP), a UL, ISO, EN, EASA and FAA compliant Halon 1211 alternative accepted worldwide.

Requires optional bracket BKT325 for use on aircraft.

Do not use in confined spaces less than 896 ft3 per extinguisher.

Agent weight 3.75 lb. / 1.701 kg
Gross weight 6.0 lb. / 2.722 kg
Discharges from Nozzle
Discharge range ~10 ft. / 3 m
Discharge time 9 sec.
Height 17.6 in. / 44.7 cm
Width 4.0 in. / 10.2 cm
Cylinder diameter 3.25 in. / 8.3 cm
UL rating 5B:C
Included bracket Wall hook
Optional bracket BKT325