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    Aircraft Fire Extinguishers

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    Flightline Fire Extinguishers
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    Halotron B673Halotron 674

    Halotron® 1 (HCFC Blend B) is the most widely tested and accepted Halon 1211-alternative agent for streaming applications. It is used in Aircraft Rescue Fire Fighting (ARFF) vehicles at more than 100 commercial airports worldwide.

    H3R Aviation offers seven Halotron® 1 fire extinguishers. Models B394TS, 397 and 398 are FAA-accepted for use on-board aircraft. The 397 and 398 can also be used on flight line/ramp, along with the wheeled models B673 and B674. The 2B:C rated B385TS and B385TSC are appropriate for small, 1 to 4 seat general aviation aircraft*.

    These rechargeable extinguishers have pressure gauges and require a 6-year maintenance and a 12-year hydrostatic test.
    • Rugged steel cylinder and all-metal valve construction for exceptional durability
    • Pressure gauge enables easy confirmation of charge
    • Tested to ANSI/UL 711 and UL 2129
    • Meets DOT requirements
    *Note: It is the operator's responsibility to ensure that an aviation product meets any airworthiness or other requirements of the FAA and/or other authorities having jurisdiction.