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FM02T - 2.75 lb. FM-200 Fire Extinguisher

H3R Aviation

FM02T - 2.75 lb. FM-200 Fire Extinguisher


Halon-alternative FM-200® (HFC-227ea) fire extinguishers offer environmentally responsible fire fighting performance.

Just like Halon 1211, FM-200® attacks fire without leaving a messy residue. It effectively extinguishes Class B and C fires by cooling and smothering and it will not conduct electricity back to the operator.

The 2B:C rated Model FM02T is appropriate for small, 1-4 seat aircraft.* Do not use in confined spaces less than 70 cubic feet/1.98 cubic meters.

NOTE: This is a Special Order item. Please contact us with the purchase quantity and we will confirm lead time. Ships to contiguous US only. Eligible for warranty-return only.

Agent weight 2.75 lb. / 1.247 kg
Gross weight 5.62 lb. / 2.549 kg
Discharge range 6-10 ft. / 1.83-3.0 m
Discharge time 8-12 sec.
Height 16.5 in. / 41.9 cm
Width 6.5 in. / 16.5 cm
Cylinder diameter
3.5 in. / 8.9 cm
UL rating 2B:C
Bracket Single Strap

*Note: It is the operator's responsibility to ensure that an aviation product meets any airworthiness or other requirements of the FAA and/or other authorities having jurisdiction.