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FM10T - 10.75 lb. FM-200 Fire Extinguisher

H3R Aviation

FM10T - 10.75 lb. FM-200 Fire Extinguisher


Halon-alternative FM-200® (HFC-227ea) fire extinguishers offer environmentally responsible fire fighting performance.

Besides aviation applications, Model FM10T is an ideal fire extinguisher for computer rooms, telecommunications facilities, clean rooms, data storage areas, offices (for protection of sensitive electronic equipment), and boats.

Do not use in confined spaces less than 250 cubic feet/7.08 cubic meters.

NOTE: This is a Special Order item. Please contact us with the purchase quantity and we will confirm lead time. Ships to contiguous US only. Eligible for warranty-return only.

Agent weight 10.75 lb. / 4.876 kg
Gross weight 16.44 lb. / 7.457 kg
Discharge range 6-10 ft. / 1.83-3.0 m
Discharge time 8-12 sec.
Height 17.5 in / 44.5 cm
Width 7.0 in / 17.8 cm
Cylinder diameter
5.1 in / 12.9 cm
UL rating 5B:C
Bracket Single Strap

*Note: It is the operator's responsibility to ensure that an aviation product meets any airworthiness or other requirements of the FAA and/or other authorities having jurisdiction.