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Holiday Gift Guide for Your Pilot

The holidays are just around the corner! What will you get your favorite pilot? Unsure? We can help! This list of gift ideas for pilots includes aviation-related novelties that are sure to delight and inspire the aviator in your life.

From commercial captains to adventurous bush pilots, we have suggestions for everyone!

1.    Top Gun: 50 Years of Naval Air Superiority
If there is one thing a pilot likes more than flying planes and talking about planes, it’s looking at planes. Does that sound like the pilot in your life? A coffee table book might be the perfect gift for them!  

Top Gun: 50 Years of Naval Air Superiority is more than just a pretty table decoration. The stories and photos will keep your pilot’s head in the clouds. Grab this book and inspire the “Maverick” in your life.

2.    Bush Pilot Folio Bag
Every pilot needs a bag to transport his or her gear to the airport or the backcountry. Flight Outfitters offers a hangar full of solutions but our personal favorite is the Bush Pilot Folio Bag. Whether it’s for a bush pilot, an airline pilot, or someone heading to Oshkosh, this bag is a great choice.

This flight bag is large enough to fit all your gear yet compact enough to stow. Get this or another Flight Outfitters bag here:

3.    Aviation Fire Extinguisher
If your pilot doesn’t already have an extinguisher installed in their plane, it’s time to get one! Whether they have a Piper, a kit plane, or a Mooney, they won’t regret having a fire extinguisher if they ever need it.

Trusted by OEMs, pilots, and airports for decades, H3R Aviation offers a variety of extinguishers appropriate for use in the cockpit.

- They are standard on many GA aircraft
- Our A344T is the smallest rechargeable halon extinguisher
- They have a pressure gauge for quick pre-flight check
- We use durable, metal construction

Why Halon?
- Most effective clean agent
- No dry chemical mess
- Does not impair vision
- Attacks hidden fires

Our most popular extinguishers for general aviation use are the A344T and C352TS (both are available in chrome!).  

If you need help finding an extinguisher for your pilot, please reach out! We are happy to help select the right size and type.

4.    Ray-Ban’s Aviator Classic
Picture a pilot in sunglasses. We bet they are wearing aviators! Ray-Ban’s Aviator Classic fit the bill. You can do a virtual try-on and select different colors and sizes, customizing them for the pilot in your life.

Plus, you have the option to have the sunglasses polarized, or perhaps more importantly, not polarized. If you’re getting these as a gift, it’s worth noting that polarized lenses are not recommended for flying.

5.    Independence Coffee Company Jet Fuel Coffee
A delicious cup of joe is the best way to wake up after a long red eye, or any day to be honest! This Jet Fuel is available in multiple sizes and you can opt for whole beans or pre-ground. Whether your pilot loves a pour over, cold brew, or cowboy coffee, they’ll enjoy this high quality coffee.

6.    Garmin D2 Air X10
Does your pilot love gadgets, gear or tech? The Garmin D2 Air X10 might check all the boxes for them. This watch has so many features!

The aviation-specific features that stood out to us are:
- Inflight pulse ox
- Altimeter
Importantly, it will also tell time, track different types of exercise from golf to running, sleep, connect to your phone, etc.

This watch is available with either a black or white band, but you can also purchase different color bands to customize it for your pilot.

7.    Anker Portable Charger Power Bank
We’ve all been stuck in an airport with a phone on 10% battery and no outlets in sight. Having a portable charger power bank will keep your iPhone charged on those long layovers so you can scroll Instagram or plan your next flight. The Anker Portable Charger Power Bank can be used with an Android and newer iPhone models, and will charge two devices at one time.

A power bank is a practical gift that will help keep you in touch with the pilot in your life.

8.    Fisher Space Pen Dark Matter Black Titanium Astronaut Space Pen
Really, any good quality pen will suffice for your pilot, but why not treat them to something special! Once you’ve written with a very nice pen, it’s hard to go back. In addition, the Astronaut Pen is same design as the one that went to the moon in 1969! We love the Dark Matter Black Titanium finish, but it’s available in other finishes as well.

9.    Yeti Rambler Coffee Mug
If you bought the Jet Fuel Coffee, your pilot probably needs a new coffee mug. Yes, Yeti Rambler mugs are a splurge, but they will keep your coffee hot on a cross-country flight. There are tons of options for quality coffee mugs, so get one that your pilot will love pouring their coffee into and sipping on it all day!

10.    Lightspeed Delta Zulu ANR Headset OR Bose A20
A new headset is a big gift! If you’re going to spend this kind of money, it’s important you’re getting the right headset for your pilot. You can find loads of comparisons and recommendations online but it really boils down to pilot preference. You may have to come up with a way to ask their preference slyly!
Both Bose and Lightspeed offer a 60 day trial or full refund period, so you can be sure your pilot likes the one you’ve picked for them.

We hope you found our gifts for pilots list helpful. Whatever you choose, your pilot will appreciate the thoughtful gift that not only shows you support their love of all things aviation!

If you gift one of our extinguishers, we’d love to see photos of your special pilot unwrapping one this holiday. We may even share in our newsletter. Send photos, questions, and inquiries to

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